With the introduction of the probiotic BPL1 into Adventia's new specialized diet for surgical patients with energy restrictions, the company ADM Biopolis --owned by the multinational agri-food company Archer Daniels Midland Co. and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)-- is taking its first steps in this segment of the health market.

Adventia Pharma is starting to sell Bi1 Bificare, a new, specialized clinical nutrition diet designed to meet the nutritional needs of surgical patients with energy restrictions -- mainly those that require specific preoperative nutritional therapy to reduce the risks associated with their clinical condition during surgery.

Faced with the requirements of these types of preoperative treatments, which are constantly becoming more frequent and in which it is necessary for patients to lose an average of between 5% and 10% of their weight before surgery, Adventia Pharma and ADM Biopolis decided to work together to include the probiotic BPL1 in the special Bificare diet.

Developed by ADM Biopolis and known as Bifidobacterium lactis BPL1, this probiotic is scientifically proven to reduce visceral fat in the abdomen, in addition to there being a proven improvement in blood pressure, insulin resistance, and microbiome composition in patients suffering from obesity.

Achieving product development and launch goals, Adventia Pharma is the first pharmaceutical laboratory to offer a complete clinical nutrition diet featuring probiotics, while ADM Biopolis is taking its first steps in this segment of the health market.

Both companies are determined to keep moving forward together and, in the opinion of Daniel Ramón Vidal, ADM's Health & Wellness R&D Vice President, “the introduction of BPL1 into a product like Bi1 Bificare marks an important milestone for ADM Biopolis. For us, specialized clinical nutrition is fundamental to understand the advent of microbiome-based solutions. Thus, we are extremely proud to have worked in conjunction with Adventia Pharma.

Likewise, Carmen Monente Ramos, in charge of Product Development at Adventia, has noted that “with each day, there is increasing scientific evidence to support the health benefits of probiotics; the ability to include them in specialized clinical nutrition is an innovative, positive step forward for the dietary treatment of patients. In addition, being able to accomplish this alongside ADM Biopolis, a leading, internationally recognized company in the sector, has helped us to gain the trust necessary to take this step.”

About the Bificare Diet

This is a complete normocaloric and high-protein diet featuring probiotics, extra virgin olive oil, prebiotic fiber, and enriched with leucine and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), designed for the dietary management of surgical patients with energy restrictions and increased demands for proteins.

About ADM Biopolis

ADM Biopolis's core business involves finding, designing, and developing microorganisms for industrial aims and health- and wellbeing-related purposes. In order to develop innovative products, ADM Biopolis's R&D is based on a series of harmonized, interconnected research platforms.

The aim of ADM Biopolis is to understand the complex relationship between the microbiome and health. The company's sequencing technology has allowed them to identify and understand this microbial diversity. Thus, ADM Biopolis comprehensively approaches the development of microbial solutions.

More information: www.biopolis.es

More information: www.bpl1.com