How does this idea of development come about?
After years of listening to professionals we discovered that patients get bored with flavors and that each person perceives them differently. Therefore, we decided to provide them independence and decision-making capacity in order to favor compliance with the treatment and to facilitate the work of the professionals

Benefits and benefits

The patients, from now on, will be able to decide " the TASTE " and their " INTENSITY " which will generate a more INTERACTIVE clinical nutrition. Psychological factor : Our approach is to motivate / excite patients by stimulating their senses and increasing interest in their consumption. Normally they are imposed guidelines and, in this case, it is they who decide

If with Bi1 aromas we get a percentage of patients to increase the adherence time to the treatment and that it is in a more satisfactory way, it will be a great success for all . We started the distribution in all our oral diets, VANILLA flavor, without added cost. (7 flavors: 6 aromas + vanilla) . The "range of flavors" can be expanded or replaced freely, depending on the acceptance of patients.

la calidad

es nuestro principio


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