Immunomodulatory supplement for infections and injuries caused by the Herpes Virus.

Complement developed from an antiherpetic patent.


- Cold sores : 1-0-1, for 3 days.
- Genital herpes (in bud), chickenpox zoster and ocular herpes : 1-0-1, for 6 days.
- Ctiomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr and Pityriasis rosea : 1-1-1, for 6 days.
- Recurrence prevention : 1-0-0, from 3 to 12 months.

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  • Not recommended in allergy to milk protein.

  • It does not contain glucose, gluten, or sugar.

  • Recommended use for over 6 years.

  • Dissolve the envelope in a glass of water.

  • Take out of meals (30 min before or 2hrs later).

  • During treatment avoid eating chocolate or nuts.


  • It helps to reduce the healing time of herpes lesions and to distance recurrence.
  • Distance the occurrence of recurrences.
  • No side effects No contraindications
  • Fast effect (absorption 60 minutes).
Valor energético 86 kJ/ 1423 kJ
20,5 kcal/ 339 kcal
Grasas de las cuales: 0 g/ 0 g
- Saturadas 0 g/ 0 g
Hidratos de carbono de los cuales: 1,25 g/ 21,7 g
- Azúcares <0,5g/ <2g
Proteínas 3,6 g/ 60 g
Sal 0,17 g/ 2,90 g
Aporte de nutrientes:
- Hidrolizado de caseína 4,5 g/ 75 g

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