Adventia was established internationally as the fastest pharmaceutical laboratory in the introduction of innovations in specialised medical nutrition.

Our innovation model is based on three principles:


Guarantee the highest quality in our formulas.


Offer added advantages to the patient to increase the customisation of the diets.
Facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, improving their current tools.




We are the first laboratory in:

- Introduce the flavor mix.
- Pack your oral diets in the container Edge of Tetra Pak, for its unbeatable benefits of usability and conservation of nutrients.

The Bi1 containers from Adventia have been approved and certified by the Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA) for its convenient handling and easy opening of the cap.
Only laboratory whose oral diets are certified by ADILAC, 'Association of lactose intolerant in Spain' as lactose-free products.
Adventia is the only laboratory that uses extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in all its Bi1 diets.
First laboratory in the launch of Aromas: flavours pack to modify and adjust the flavour of the diets at the patient's request.
Development of new nutritional and sensory foods suitable for cancer patients.
Specific nutritional supplements with probiotics for the dietetic treatment of chronic diseases.


R&D Project

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