Bi1 Via procare
Bi1 Via procare

Complete, normocaloric and hyperprotein enteral / tube diet, without fiber, with immunonutrients (L-arginine, EPA, DHA and nucleotides) for patients with a high degree of metabolic stress

For the dietary management of patients with a high degree of metabolic stress at risk of malnutrition or malnutrition.

  • Energy density

  • Without lactose. Gluten free

  • Administration via probe

  • Ready to drink. Store at room temperature

  • Shake before using

  • Once opened, store in the refrigerator for a maximum of 24 hours


  • Major surgical intervention
  • Active cancer treatment
  • Immunocompromised patients
Valor energético 500 kcal /2092 kj
Grasas, de las cuales 16,7 g
Saturadas 7,15 g
-TCM 5 g
Monoinsaturadas 5,9 g
Poliinsaturadas 3,60 g
-Ácido eicosapentaenoico (EPA) 923 mg
-Ácido docosahexaenoico (DHA) 577 mg
Hidratos de carbono, de los cuales 60 g
-Azúcares 2,75 g
Proteínas 27,5 g
-L-arginina 4,45 g
Sal 1,25 g
Vitamina A 650 μg-RE
Vitamina D 5,85 μg
Tiamina (Vitamina B1) 0,86 mg
Riboflavina (Vitamina B2) 0,99 mg
Niacina PP 10,8 mg-NE
Ácido pantoténico 3,26 mg
Vitamina B6 1,13 mg
Vitamina B12 2,70 μg
Vitamina C 90 mg
Vitamina E 9 mg-αTE
Biotina 18,9 μg
Ácido fólico 203 μg
Vitamina K 43,9 μg
Betacaroteno 180 μg-RE
Sodio 425 mg
Calcio 500 mg
Hierro 6 mg
Potasio 625 mg
Cloruro 450 mg
Fósforo 400 mg
Magnesio 110 mg
Zinc 9 mg
Cobre 540 μg
Yodo 72 μg
Selenio 38,3 μg
Molibdeno 54 μg
Cromo 33,8 μg
Manganeso 1,26 mg
Fluoruro 0,99 mg
Colina 189 mg
L-Carnitina 350 mg
Nucleótidos 1 g
Osmolaridad 320 mOsm/l

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