At Adventia, we are the first in opting for a high-quality packaging which preserves the best raw material used for our diets for a longer time. 

Benefits of using

the Tetra Brik 

Preservation without cooling

More ergonomic

It does not need refrigeration for distribution and storage, being stable and efficient in terms of energy, thus providing a longer useful life for the product.
The Bi1 Tetra Brick Edge Asepetic has an upper part at an angle, which allows for more space for the fingers, making the cap to be easier to grab onto or handle and allowing more direct access when consuming the content.

Easy to use

The packaging does not need to be raised from the surface to be poured, making it easier to use and more effective when pouring.

Better preservation

It keeps the organoleptic properties intact during more time. In just a single day of exposure to light, the preservation of vitamin B2 is reduced by 9% versus the 35% in PET. 

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