Clinical Nutrition

Bi1 Aromas espesante
  • Developed to modify and modulate the taste of the diets of the patients' choice.
  • Created to facilitate the nutrition and hydration of the patients in order to favor compliance with the treatment. < / li>
  • Prepare a glass of water with Bi1 Thickener or Bi1 Clear according to the consistency recommended by your specialist.

  • Add 5 to 10 drops of aroma per 100ml of water, until you achieve the desired flavor intensity.

  • Stir with a spoon.

Bi1 Aromas espesante

5 containers of flavorings. 30 ml each container

New tool created to favor the hydration of patients. Formulated specifically for Bi1 Thickener or Bi1 Clear. Flavors: orange, melon, strawberry, lemon and grape.

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