Adventia Pharma continues its activity expansion plan and product portfolio. Established as a laboratory specialized in advanced medical nutrition, the growing consolidation of Adventia is allowing it to provide a wider range of complementary products in the medical specialties of its activity, mainly oncology, characterized by its innovative component and with a strong growth potential in the market. Within this framework, is the agreement reached today by Adventia Pharma with the firm NTD-Labs , a company that develops patented pharmaceutical specialties in 50 countries, among which food supplements for patients stand out with papillomavirus and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infections, as well as with mucosal problems . Precisely these complements, commercially called HuPaVir, Herpo-Pro and Afta-Pro, are acquired by Adventia Pharma for commercialization in the markets of Spain and Portugal, where the pharmaceutical laboratory already has an extensive network of sales and visitors.
Papillomavirus infection is a growing health problem and its timing is related to different types of cancer, mainly cervical cancer, but also with oropharyngeal or anal cancer among others. Currently the number of therapeutic alternatives is limited and the percentage of recurrences after treatments is high. On the other hand, patients with low defenses or immunocompromised individuals have few natural and safe alternatives to alleviate possible outbreaks of lesions caused by herpes simplex virus.
The now new products of Adventia Pharma have shown beneficial effects in reducing the healing time of lesions and decreasing their inflammation by radio and chemotherapy (AftaPro), a rapid action against HSV to be used in gynecology and pediatrics specialties mainly (Herpo-Pro), and a proven efficacy in the regression of lesions and condylomas generated by HPV (HupaVir). These solutions, already available in the Spanish market, will become part of the Adventia Pharma product catalog that expects to expand its commercialization in both countries, doubling its sales during the first year.
The result of the collaboration between Adventia Pharma and NTD-Labs will also accelerate the development of new specialties and complementary formulations in the areas of expertise of both firms.
About NTD-Labs
NTD-Labs is a developer and marketer of a platform of innovative products for the prevention and treatment of the consequences of viral diseases. NTD-Labs strengthens the position of its products in the Spanish and Portuguese market with Adventia Pharma in parallel to the preparation of a wider international commercialization of its portfolio in Latin America, Central Europe and Asia.