The pharmaceutical laboratory offers the first complement developed from an antiviral patent for the treatment of infections and lesions caused by HPV with a level of efficacy that reaches the negativization of the virus in up to 84.6% of patients in only six months.

Human papillomaviruses are the most common cause of viral infection of the reproductive system. Most sexually active women and men get the infection at some point in their life, and although HPV infections usually disappear without any intervention a few months after contracting, the virus can become chronic in those cases in which the immune system does not respond adequately . In fact, in a small percentage of cases, infections can persist by increasing the risk of becoming cancer.

According to WHO, HPV is the cause of virtually all cases of cervical cancer < / b>, which causes the death of more than 300,000 women every year and for which more than 700,000 new cases are diagnosed annually worldwide. In addition, HPV is also related to a large part of other cancers such as anus, vagina, vulva, penis and oropharyngeal.

Therefore given the importance of early treatment and the proper function of the immune system to the elimination of papillomavirus infection, Adventia Pharma today has a new solution to strengthen the immune system in patients with HPV to promote natural infection control.

Denominated commercially as HuPaVir®, the complement acts systemically and therefore, regardless of the location of the virus, usually in the cervix, vagina, external genitalia, oropharyngeal mucosa, and skin.

HuPaVir® has years of clinical research in which he has proven to be able to increase immune cells (NKs and T lymphocytes) whose deficiencies are related to increased persistence of HPV and the development of cancerous lesions. In a clinical study in patients with high-risk HPV in the cervix, HuPaVir® demonstrated the negativization of the virus in only 6 months, reaching a negative rate of up to 84.6% of patients, a fact that stands out when compared with the 35.7% observed in control patients.

On the other hand, HPV is also the cause of other benign lesions such as condylomas or genital warts and common warts in other locations of the body, the latter being transmitted by non-sexual route being able to affect population of any age. In this case, results from different studies show that HuPaVir® is a great ally to current invasive treatments to improve its effectiveness and reduce frequent recurrences.

Adventia Pharma has started this January. commercialization of HuPaVir® in Spain and Portugal.