[Photo of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club]


The presentation of the SUMA Project took place on December 13, a pioneering initiative on the island of Gran Canaria that promotes basketball among children with functional diversity.

Participating in it, among other representatives of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the Las Palmas Down Syndrome Association, and Adventia Pharma, which together with the Cajamar financial institution, has decided to contribute to this initiative that consists in creating Basketball schools for children with functional diversity.

Adventia Pharma's support for the “SUMA Project” will make it possible to significantly expand the number of children benefited by sports schools from the current 21 children to more than 40 people among children and adolescents, while increasing the number of centers and associations benefited by the action. The long-term objective is to extend the project to other islands and regions interested in this type of action through professional basketball clubs.

With its incorporation, Adventia Pharma, in addition to having promotional activities by the CB Gran Canaria, will have special actions, such as the creation of the Adventia Tournament and the friendly meetings of children and minors included in SUMA.

Adventia works every day to develop products for the care of people and improve their quality of life, so that the promotion of sport and social inclusion fit into their social commitment.