Adventia Pharma , a pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in medical nutrition, has made progress in understanding the problems of malnutrition as a consequence of chronic pathologies and especially in relation to chronic kidney disease in hemodialysis and disease. Crohn.

Malnutrition is a common consequence in a large number of patients with these chronic diseases and to support their treatment, Adventia Pharma has been leading the SUNESPRO Project since 2017. A research and development project that aims to design a diet with specific and evident bioactive activity for each of them.

Specifically in the case of chronic kidney diseases, Adventia advances have gone aimed at compensating protein malnutrition, obtaining a diet with a high percentage of high absorption proteins that, without impairing the patient's renal function, makes it possible for the nutritional support to be suitable for diabetic patients.

In the case of Crohn's disease, Adventia has focused on the incorporation of amino acids and fatty acids with intestinal anti-inflammatory activity. Compounds that facilitate the digestion of nutritional support ingredients with a positive impact on the main cause of the disease.