Last Thursday, April 4, a workshop on Oncology Aesthetics was held at the Doctor Negrín Hospital organized by Adventia.

The purpose of the workshop was to convey the importance of skin care in the cancer patient, both in chemotherapy treatments, as immunotherapy and before and after radiotherapy. The day was attended by about fifteen professionals involved in the care of the oncology patient.

The workshop was given by Desirée Rodríguez, certified in oncological aesthetic care by the Teknon medical center in Barcelona. Desirée has been using Tectum SkinCare® for more than a year and all her oncology clients use some of the products of the Tectum SkinCare® range with very positive results. In addition, Desirée highlighted the ingredients of high nutritional value of Tectum with high regenerative, antioxidant and protective activity.

In the workshop we counted on the presence of Pilar, a client of Desirée Rodríguez, whose experience with Tectum has been very satisfactory, having treated skin toxicity caused by the treatments in addition to the dryness of the hands. Pilar took advantage of this forum to share the efficacy of Tectum SkinCare® in the protection and repair of the skin with first-hand assistants.

It should be noted that the workshop was organized in coordination with Marta Lloret, doctor and head of Radiation Oncology service at the Doctor Negrin Hospital.