Last February 7 Adventia, in collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos University Hospital, organized a training session on 'Milestones in Enteral Nutrition'.

In it, the specialist doctor in Endocrinology and Nutrition , Responsible for the area of ​​Nutrition in the Section of the Hospital and coordinator and speaker at the conference, Dra. María Blanca Martínez-Barbeito, recalled that enteral nutrition requires a multidisciplinary work that relates transversally to the specialty of Endocrinology and Nutrition with Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Digestive.

In the opinion of Dr. Blanca Martínez-Barbeito "although this nutritional support is more widespread among patients with pathologies such as diabetes, nephropathy diabetic, inflammatory bowel disease and acute pancreatitis, also oncological, cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies and other factors such as age, pose a risk of d malnutrition and require an adequate nutritional approach. ".

Likewise, the specialist referred to the study 'PREDyCES', of the Spanish Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (SENPE), in which it is established that malnutrition related to the disease affects 23.7 percent of hospitalized patients, a figure that increases to 38 percent in those over 70 and up to 50 percent beyond 85 years.

Among the types of affected patients, the session made particular reference to those motivated by diabetes, due to its prevalence and the multiple reasons that can cause a hospital admission but also to other pathologies, such as advanced chronic renal failure, and that approximately one third of patients suffer from hospital malnutrition; severe acute pancreatitis, due to its impact on nutritional status; and inflammatory bowel disease, less frequent pathology, but which requires specific nutritional support.

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