On March 15 and 16, Adventia, in collaboration with the Nutrimancha Group belonging to the Castilian Manchegan Society of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Diabetes (SCAMEND), organized a course on clinical nutrition in Ciudad Real (Daimiel). to residents of different specialties.

The mayor of Daimiel, Leopoldo Sierra, welcomed the twenty specialists, including speakers and students, who met in the course on clinical nutrition highlighting the involvement of Participants in continuing to be trained.

The theoretical-practical training that was given at the Hotel Doña Manuela included the participation of four endocrinologists and two nutritionists from the Nutrition Services of the province of Ciudad Real. He completed with a visit to the site, the Motilla del Azuer.

The presentations were organized by the working group Nutrimancha of which the doctor, Álvaro García-Manzanares, is part Cialista in Endocrinology and Nutrition at the Mancha Centro hospital. As García-Manzanares explained, clinical nutrition is "the nutrition that is given to patients when they enter a hospital, the one that is put in a tube, in the form of supplements, which is popularly known as shakes, or by vein, "which also argued that Daimiel has been chosen for its" strategic location "in the province.

The objective of the course was to train in hospital nutrition, as well as to unify criteria and detect errors in this area. All this through a series of presentations on the assessment of the patient's nutritional status, the hospital diet, enteral nutrition, flavor workshops and textural modification in which Bi1 Thickener and Bi1 Clear were used as well as the new Aromas and concluded with a practical workshop on handling of probes and method of administration.