Adventia is the first pharmaceutical laboratory to use cardboard packaging and renewable materials for enteral nutrition products.

The packaging of Adventia's Bi1 liquid formulations is more environmentally friendly in comparison to the plastic packaging used by other laboratories.

This material also means that the angle at the top is safer and more comfortable, efficiently designed to make it easier to hold, ingest directly and pour out its content.  

TetraPack packaging is an added advantage which has an easy-open top in one sole movement and has a smart layer system that acts as a barrier to oxygen, heat and light, thus maintaining the organoleptic properties intact. The nutritional quality of the food is thus preserved, protecting it from damp with no need for refrigeration.

Adventia packs are certified by the Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA), acknowledging their easy opening, closing and handling. These packs are appropriate for the specific needs of people with limited strength in their hands, the elderly and those suffering from diseases related to rheumatism.