Adventia Pharma was born nine years ago and its business has increased 48% in 2018. Its main executives assure that nobody has grown more than they in all Spain. This pharmaceutical laboratory, specialized in clinical nutrition (although it also markets medicines) represents 10% of the Canarian market, according to its figures, and in 2021 it aims to reach 7.5% of the Spanish market, compared with a current 4% granted by the seventh place in the Spanish ranking. To do this, it will have to compete with large multinationals such as Nestlé, Abbott or Nutricia.

In front is José Díaz, a discreet Canarian businessman. Those who know him well, describe him as a man with a great capacity for lateral thinking. That is, he is creative, imaginative and a great entrepreneur. "They told me that in this world everything was invented and, for that reason, I decided to enter," says the CEO and founder of this Canarian company. “When the crisis came, I was engaged in construction, so I looked for a sector that was not so punished and where banks were more open to give us financing,” he says.

ADVENTIA PHARMA was born in 2010 with such Only two employees. Six years later, he had 26 workers and invoiced three million euros. Today it exceeds 10 million annually, there are 65 in the workforce and it has a presence throughout Spain, although its headquarters are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. His forecast for the next three years is to triple all his figures.

"We are very focused on innovation, especially in detecting and solving problems that nobody had noticed so far" , comments Díaz. "We also do it without limits, either by creating a formulation, a medical device or even a digital development." In this sense, their investment in research and development is between 5 and 10% of their turnover.

From Adventia they affirm that they have reached this market with “the mentality of doing everything different from how they are He has done so far, looking for efficiency, economic viability and that directly affects the quality of life of patients. ”

His first commitment, which marked the difference and attracted the attention of his competitors , was to become the only laboratory that used extra virgin olive oil in all its products . "All sectors spoke wonders about him, but curiously he had not introduced himself in something as crucial to health as clinical nutrition," they comment from Adventia.

Another product that has been very good in the sector has It was the pack of aromas. "Patients with oral diets complained, and many failed to comply with the treatment for that reason, of always having to take the same product with the same flavor," explains Diaz. "That's why we created this pack, with a few simple drops you can modify the taste, its intensity, even its texture."

I realized that there is already a package in the market that was better at clinical nutrition and that nobody used it. The tetra brik of all life. The competition took it as a joke and describes it as a supermarket container. It was our big helm at the market. ” This package, developed by Tetra Pak, has certifications that include its ease of opening and intake for the patient. In addition, it maintains the best product properties and is sustainable. Although foods for special medical uses are exempt from restrictions for single-use plastics, Adventia is changed in the first pharmaceutical laboratory to use cardboard packaging and renewable materials for medical nutrition products. Now, they are already using competitive companies. “We are specifically a technology that will allow clinical nutrition to be more specialized and adapted to the needs of the patient, not only from the clinical point of view, but also from consumption, that he feels independent. We will market it in 2020. And here I can read, ”he concludes.