Bariatric surgery is described as the set of surgical procedures used as a treatment for morbid obesity, whose main objective is to improve the comorbidities of the obese patient (diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, etc.), their quality of life and decrease weight and total body fat.

The patient with a morbid obesity who is a candidate for obesity surgery may require, before surgery, a specific normocaloric and hyperproteic diet (Bi1 hp fiber) to help him achieve a weight reduction quickly (6- 8 weeks prior to the intervention).

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After surgery and depending on the technique performed (restrictive, malabsortive or mixed), a protein module ( Bi1 protein ) or a hyperproteic normocaloric supplement ( Bi1 hp fiber ) to ensure adequate protein intake. In addition, in malabsortive or mixed surgeries, where the intake of micronutrients is not adequate through food, it may be necessary to supplement minerals such as zinc ( Bi1 zinc ) or calcium ( Bi1 calcium ).

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