Type 2 diabetes is a very prevalent pathology, which has increased progressively and parallel to the increase in overweight and obesity in society. Currently 14% of the general population suffers in Spain and 30% of people over 60 years. Diabetes is a chronic state of hyperglycemia that if left unchecked can lead to complications: retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, heart attacks, strokes and amputations. Type 2 diabetes is in turn associated with other cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension, dyslipidemia and obesity.


The nutritional recommendations in patients with diabetes are based on a balanced diet , increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables, avoiding saturated fats in general and with a higher consumption of blue and fiber fish in the diet The consumption of virgin olive oil is recommended in the general population and in patients with diabetes especially for its protective role of the cardiovascular system.


When a person with diabetes has malnutrition and needs oral supplementation to improve their nutritional status , it is crucial that the supplements do not worsen glycemic control. Depending on the nutritional needs of the patient, a hypercaloric and hyperprotein fiber supplement (Bi1 diacare hp / hc) or normocaloric and normoprotein fiber (Bi1 diacare) will be scheduled. If the patient requires enteral nutrition by feeding tube, it is advisable to use a specific formula for diabetes (Bi1 Via Diacare).

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