Patients with neurodegenerative diseases (dementias, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.) they have a high risk of malnutrition. During the course of the disease there is involuntary weight loss, secondary to a refusal to ingest in advanced stages of the disease and, on the other hand, to a dysphagia of neurological origin. This can lead to a state of progressive malnutrition that would worsen the course of the disease.

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Evaluating the nutritional needs of these patients, if it is not met through the diet, it is recommended to start a hypercaloric / hyperproteic nutritional supplement (Bi1 hp / hc), hypercaloric / normoprotein (Bi1 plus) or normocaloric / normoproteic with fiber (Bi1 fiber), specific for diabetes (Bi1 diacare hp / hc) according to the requirements presented.

If the patient has liquid dysphagia, thickener (Bi1 thickener) may be used and if the dysphagia is aggravated and hinders the intake of any liquid or solid or semi-solid food, the use of feeding probes will be necessary, either through a nasoenteral probe or an ostomy. Taking into account the energy and protein needs, a normocaloric and normoproteic nutrition with fiber (Bi1 via fiber), a hypercaloric and hyperproteic with fiber (Bi1 via hp / hc) or a diabetic (Bi1 via diacare) will be scheduled.

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