Malnutrition in cancer has a very high prevalence, with 15-40% of tumors associated with malnutrition at the time of diagnosis and more than 80% when the disease is advanced.

There are many factors in cancer that affect nutritional status, there is a decrease in intake, an increase in requirements and a greater loss of nutrients.

The tumor secretes substances that increase inflammation and cause loss of appetite, and anorexia may appear as a side effect of treatment.

Another frequent symptom is dysphagia , due to tumor location (head and neck tumors or esophagus), also secondary to treatment mucositis, after tumor surgery, etc., which may contribute to worsening of nutritional status. This sum of factors generally translates into significant weight loss and malnutrition, which worsens the prognosis of these patients, decreasing their survival and response to treatment.


For all this, nutrition is a fundamental pillar in the cancer patient and it is necessary to ensure good nutritional status as an important part of the treatment.

In cancer there is hypercatabolism with both calorie and protein requirements being increased.

If it is not possible to completely meet these needs through diet, the supplementation is recommended with hypercaloric / hyperproteic formulas .


Radiodermatitis is described as the set of skin lesions that appear after exposure of the skin to ionizing radiation, either accidentally or therapeutically.

95% of patients receiving radiotherapy suffer this involvement. Radiation therapy causes a free radical release causing oxidative stress, irreversible DNA breaks and inflammation.

The toxicity of the skin negatively affects the patient's quality of life due to pain and premature interruption of treatment that can influence disease control.


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